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All Sonus faber new products are covered by a Standard Warranty of two (2) years from the date of purchase by the original owner. Thus, please keep safe any purchase document/receipt, as this validates your Warranty.

Demonstration products will carry full manufacturer's Warranty from the date of original purchase from an authorized dealer and within one (1) year of product discontinuation.


Extended Warranty terms are not available for products purchased in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

An Extended Warranty is granted only if registering the product on within 30 days from purchase, and it will apply to:

  • Passive loudspeakers – defective components (i.e. tweeter, mid-woofer, midrange, woofer, subwoofer, crossover network) will carry eight (8) years Warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner
  • Subwoofers and Powered Products – defective boards and drivers (i.e. amplifier board, mainboard, drivers) will carry a three (3) years Warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner.
  • Custom Installation speakers – architectural series products will carry a lifetime warranty, excluding accessories (e.g. front grilles), from the original owner's purchase date. Any decision made by Sonus faber regarding any Lifetime Warranty claim is full and final.

Sonus faber products covered by Lifetime Warranty are:

  • Palladio CIL320FIN PW-562 6in In-Wall unit
  • Palladio CIL321FIN PC-562 6in In-Ceiling unit
  • Palladio CIL322FIN PC-582 8in In-Ceiling unit
  • Palladio CIL323FIN PC-562P 6in In-Ceiling unit
  • Palladio CIL324FIN PL-563 2x6in In-Wall LCR
  • Palladio CIL325FIN PC-563P 2x6in In-Ceiling
  • Palladio CIL326FIN PS-G101 10in In-Wall Sub
  • Palladio CIL330FIN PW-662 6in In-Wall unit
  • Palladio CIL331FIN PC-662 6in In-Ceiling unit
  • Palladio CIL332FIN PC-682 8in In-Celling unit
  • Palladio CIL333FIN PC-662P 6in In-Ceiling unit
  • Palladio CIL334FIN PC-664P 2x6in In-Ceiling
  • Palladio CIL335FIN PC-683 8in w/ Mid In-Ceiling
  • Palladio CIL336FIN PL-664 LCR 2x6in In-Wall Mid

Sonus faber Extended Warranty only applies when the product is purchased from an authorized Sonus faber retailer worldwide.

This can be verified at

The Extended Warranty is non-transferable and does not apply to private sales of products (e.g. secondhand sale).

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