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In 2018 Gamut joined the Dantax group of audio companies. We’re very proud to be part of a family with such an incredible pedigree.

For almost half a century, Dantax has been actively engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality audio products. Since 1984 the company has been listed on the Copenhagen Stock exchange. As well as being an established name in its own right, Dantax is the parent company of a family of globally renowned Danish audio brands including Raidho, Scansonic and now Gamut.

Music moves us

First and foremost, we love music. As human beings, it moves us. It brings us together, soothes our souls, lifts our spirits, fires our minds and frees our bodies. At Gamut, we’re here to move and be moved.

Sound, like all forces of nature, is an energy with its own highly specific qualities. In seeking to record and replay sound we can either try to tame and manipulate that energy or we can liberate it, observe it in action and learn from it. At Gamut, we believe that in trying to tame anything, it becomes our adversary. But if we liberate it? Then we discover something interesting… that which is free rewards us far more than that which is confined.

Naturally Scandinavian

We Scandinavians are known for our love of living well and living simply. To some people that might seem like a contradiction, but not to us. That’s because we’re also famous for being nature lovers and what we’ve discovered is that in working with, and not against, nature, far more is possible that you might otherwise imagine.