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Founded by Harold Joseph LEAK in 1934, LEAK was a British hi-fi pioneer from the mid-20th century onwards. Anyone familiar with its 1945 Point One tube amplifier - known as the first amplifier to deliver 0.1% total harmonic distortion (hence the name) - or its Sandwich loudspeakers, which offered truly linear diaphragm movement by sandwiching polystyrene foam between outer shells of rigid aluminium foil - will recognise the company's penchant for innovation. LEAK's engineering excellence was at such a high level that its 1957 Trough-Line is still regarded as one of the best FM tuners ever made.

In 1979, LEAK disappeared from the production lines. The brand was pushed into the shadows, only to become a memory and a cult brand of the last century. After many years in a dormant state, LEAK was rescued by the IAG Group - one of the world's leading audio manufacturers and owner of many classic British brands. In 2020, being the 113th birthday of Harold Joseph Leak and the 84th birthday of H.J. Leak & Co, IAG Group proudly announced the return of the LEAK brand. Maintaining traditional art-deco inspired design and high quality engineering foundations for today's Hi-Fi enthusiasts, LEAK is reborn. With great attention to detail, matching original styling, format, performance and exceptional value, LEAK is finally making a comeback for music lovers with the LEAK STEREO 130 and the brand's first ever digital CD playback device, the LEAK CDT! Offering differentiated media compatibility without compromising on style or audio performance value, LEAK returns to the audio market.