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Mountson, registered in the UK, operates from offices in London and Toronto and is expanding its sales network in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. Mountson was founded on the success of Sonos, for whose products it creates its mounting products. Sonos created the wireless speaker category and has maintained their dominant market leadership position for many years. This ensures their No. 1 position in brand awareness and increases demand for our products as well, as accessory sales will continue to grow along with Sonos speaker sales. The current market is facing a flood of cheap and poor quality designs and a lot of "copycat" products.

Mountson is a new brand, but with product designs that are proven and dedicated to specific solutions. The company is convinced that new designs really matter, so they also offer innovative, eye-catching products that will attract new customers to Sonos accessories.

The unique, innovative next-generation products are manufactured from precision engineered, high-end materials using the best standards of craftsmanship and quality. The designs are precise and sophisticated. They reflect the industrial design of Sonos, while blending the speakers into their surroundings in perfect harmony. The Mountson collection represents "affordable luxury" that will set a new standard for premium Sonos accessories.