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Classé is a leading Canadian manufacturer of high quality components for home theater and professional sound studios. Since the construction of our first amplifier in 1980, our passion and commitment has inspired our research into the development of custom and uncompromising electronics.

Classé components are developed by specialists in a variety of industries, including analog and digital audio and video electronics, software and machine building, and industrial design. Our products are designed for music and movie lovers who value beauty and elegance. Our goals can be expressed in one word: fidelity. We strive for simplicity of use and distinctive design of all Classé products.

In Classé, we use both automatic and manual assembly techniques. We maintain high quality, because every step of the production process is monitored and inspection and testing phases are carried out. Premium components, which are often manufactured specifically for Classé, increase the power and reliability of our components. We take pride in constructing such technically advanced equipment and our customers who value it highly.