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Wilson brand was developed as a result of many years of experience in international distribution of highest quality audio products and based on market demand for loudspeakers that ideally match popular class home theather and hifi systems. Wilson products offer excellent value for money.

HiFi loudspeakers

Wilson loudspeakers are developed and manufactured with the highest possible attention to details. We are only satisfied when all components are correctly in place. We only use latest generation of high-quality materials, no matter if entry level or high end products and when tuning new hifi loudspeakers we place an equal amount of trust in state-of-the-art measuring systems and the human ear for best result.

Design and manufacturing

Our design work is not only good looking–it’s also optimisation of the benefits both for the manufacturers and for the users. Designing loudspeakers requires detailed knowledge of both user innovation and industrial production and distribution environments. The correct use and placement of components can create a great and superior user sound experience.
All products are manufactured by highly qualified, specialized and experienced factories in the Southern China region and Taiwan. Products are manufactured under strict quality control and supervision.