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Authorized Dealers

Brands represented

Horn Distribution S.A., a company with a history of over 33 years of distributing brand-name products, has a large representation of notable brands. Their full list, along with information about them, is available on our website.

Authorized dealers

Your satisfaction with purchases and long-term use of equipment of all brands represented in Poland and other European countries by Horn Distribution S.A. is very important to us. That is why we suggest purchasing them through an authorised sales network created by us. Only companies on the list of authorised dealers of Horn Distribution S.A. guarantee that purchased products come from a legal source and have full service support.

A full and up-to-date list of authorised dealers is available here.

Internet Retailer

Authorization programs

Selected brands from our distribution are covered by additional authorization programs, both for sales in top retail stores and for online sales. The best and most reliable specialty retailers should have Authorization Certificates for selected brands in retail or online stores. If you come across the following sample markings presented by companies selling our products, it means you are in the right place and can purchase our goods with confidence.

Each of our authorized specialist retailers receives its own individual certificate and authorization stamp with a QR code to display both in its own store and on its authorized online store's website. After scanning the code, you can check the certificate issued and the validity of the authorization for the current year.

Advantages of purchase at authorized points of sale

As a distributor we make sure that all our products come from the direct distribution of manufacturers. This guarantees that in the case of possible problems with the product during its operation, you can count on professional service support and repairs using original parts, performed by our trained service personnel.

Consumer products from our distribution have a 24-month warranty confirmed by Horn Distribution S.A. in the warranty card enclosed with the product. For many of these products you have the possibility to extend the warranty period to 3, 5, and in the case of our own brand Wilson, even 10 years - completely free of charge! Detailed information on warranty extensions is available here.

Verification of serial number

Horn Distribution S.A. does not bear any responsibility towards users of products purchased outside its authorized sales network and does not offer service support under third-party warranty obligations. We would like to inform you that it is possible to verify whether a given product comes from the official distribution network of Horn Distribution S.A. or from an individual, unauthorized import or potentially illegal source.

In order to check this, please send a request for verification of the origin of the serial number of the device to:

Manuals in Polish

We kindly ask you to pay special attention whether the purchased product has an original (not copied) Polish warranty card, issued by Horn Distribution S.A.

Attaching a photocopy or copied electronic file with instructions in Polish to a product purchased from an unauthorized distributor is a violation of copyrights. Our company owns copyrights to the manuals we offer.

Allegro - Cooperation in Protection of Rights (Allegro WOP) in Poland

Horn Distribution S.A. has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Allegro auction service (Poland) in order to protect copyrights, ensure legality and greater security of transactions concluded at this service in respect of products from our distribution.

Activities within the program consist in particular in reporting entities infringing copyrights of Horn Distribution S.A. as an exclusive distributor of the mentioned brands in Poland. This means that only a seller authorized by Horn Distribution S.A. (including online) has the right to use original photographs and original descriptions of equipment (both in Polish and other foreign languages).

In cases when an unauthorized seller uses the above mentioned elements protected by Horn Distribution S.A. copyrights, Allegro service will take appropriate actions, in particular by removing the auction, sending a warning or blocking the account of the offending seller.

Unauthorized sales

In case of any disturbing situations - both in retail sales in stores and in electronic sales - please contact us at: